The school is in Africa, Tanzania in Mahenge Diocese.  It is owned by Mahenge Diocese under the management of the Right Reverend Bishop Agapiti Ndorobo, the Bishop of Mahenge Diocese.

Opening of the School
It was opened on the 10th March, 1999 with a preparatory form one of 51 students and 5 teachers and 10 non-teaching staff.  The Motto of the school is “TO WORK AND TO PRAY WITH LOVE”

The Objectives of the School
The idea and need of having a girls’ school for our Diocesan girls, started a way back to 1980’s after the Diocese making a critical analysis of its Missionary activities which usually go along side with the provision of Education to the people.

It was from that academic achievement assessment, when it was realized that, due to some old social set up and tradition, boys were more favoured and given more priority in getting Secondary Education than girls.  Therefore the building of the school has been a deliberate action of the Diocese in its aspiration to bring about a gender balance especially on having an opportunity to acquired Secondary Education.

In Regina Mundi Secondary school, girls, most of them are from peasant families, are given first priority to get Secondary Education at a reasonable low costs.

It is our hope and the hope of the entire Diocese that after some few decades, the existing education gap between boys and girls will be to a great extent narrowed if not completely closed.